Friday, January 01, 2016

Dan Shirley Talks About Bryan Sykes Test Results


Dan Shirley is back in the field to ring in the new year. For those of you not familiar with Dan, I will give a little background on him. Dan was a Vietnam Veteran and trained in the Special Forces of the United States Army. He uses these specialized skills he learned when he was younger to help aid in his Bigfoot research. His primary area of research is the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California.

Dan was featured in The Bigfoot Files show where he gave Dr. Bryan Sykes an alleged Sasquatch hair sample. The results came back that the sample was bear hair. Dan disagrees. In this video he talks about the whole scenario involving where and how he got the hair sample and that it is in no way from a bear. Dan also thinks that Bigfoot are actually a remnant of Homo erectus because of the similarity in behavior between them.

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  1. That liyin' Sykes bastard !!!!!!.......

    1. Haha! I wanna see this hair he is talking about.

  2. We have no clue how Homo Erectus acted or even if they were hair covered. Nothing like jumping to erroneous conclusions, eh?