Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Destination America: Mountain Monsters Season 4

Mountain Monsters Bigfoot Edition 2016

The new season of Mountain Monsters started last weekend on Destination America.While I personally didn't watch the new episode, many people did. The show is Destination America's number one show as far as ratings go.

In the season opener the Aims team goes in search of Bigfoot in Harrison County, Ohio. They say they are looking for the "Stonish Giant" that the Iroquois Indians spoke of in their legends. So at least the show is giving a little history lesson to its viewers. Did any of you watch this episode? What did you think?

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  1. I can tell you that they probably just came up with the Stonish Giant name... From Ohio, and I've never heard of that name for a Bigfoot. But, they did say the Native Americans said it covered itself in mud/clay and that protected it from their arrows... I have heard Native American stories about that before, but they were from Pennsylvania/New York.

  2. Critics can say what they want,the ratings prove like Clinton they are just good old boys that people would like to throw a few beers back at their local watering hole..Sorry they don't fit in your world..

  3. I know one thing about this show and that is whether they find a Bigfoot or not they are absolutely hilarious! I would like to know, what happens to the traps used in them. I could sure use them to catch these huge black cats behind my house! I did manage to kill a baby one the size of a medium dog but the Big ones that nearly got my wife ran too fast towards the woods for a good shot.