Tuesday, January 05, 2016

How & Where to Find Bigfoot in Oregon

Thomas Powell Bigfoot

In this video a news reporter interviews a couple of Squatchers about how and where to find Bigfoot. One of the Squatchers is author and Portland science teacher,Thomas Powell, who is known for his more paranormal stance on what Bigfoot could actually be. The second guy is Joe Beelart, who penned the book: The Oregon Bigfoot Highway. This may be the first time where I have seen the news reporter really taking an interest in the subject of Bigfoot.

Here is Joe Beelart's book and a couple of Thom Powells:

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  1. I just finished Joe Beelart's book, literally, yesterday. It is fascinating, and in addition to his detailed compilation of Bigfoot sightings and other happenings, the man writes with a poetic touch. By this I mean his beautiful descriptions of the Cascades and of the various camping trips is lyrical and is a pleasure to read. Thanks for the suggestions on books by Powell--they will be next on my reading list :-)

    1. Awesome. I'll have to check it out. You're welcome.