Friday, February 12, 2016

Bob Gimlin Talks About Roger Patterson's Deathbed Confession

Bob Gimlin Bigfoot Confession

It's been many years since Roger Patterson passed away from cancer. But his legend lives on in the form of Patty and many others that he affected with his 1967 Bigfoot footage.

In this video Bob Gimlin opens up about when he spoke with Roger the night before he passed. Did Roger feel he owed Bob money for what he made off of the whole Patty deal? Maybe someone can fill me in on the back story of this and Roger's brother-in-law, Al DeAtley

Despite the Patterson-Gimlin footage being almost 50 years old now, it still holds a mystery and mystique about it. To most Bigfoot believers it is real footage of a living Sasquatch, and to the general public it is just a guy in a suit. Either way, it hasn't totally been proven to be a real Bigfoot or a hoax.

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