Friday, February 12, 2016

Bob Gimlin Talks About Roger Patterson's Deathbed Confession

Bob Gimlin Bigfoot Confession

It's been many years since Roger Patterson passed away from cancer. But his legend lives on in the form of Patty and the many others that he affected with his 1967 Bigfoot footage.

In this video Bob Gimlin opens up about when he spoke with Roger the night before he passed. Did Roger feel he owed Bob money for what he made off of the whole Patty deal? Maybe someone can fill me in on the back story of this and Roger's brother-in-law, Al DeAtley.

Despite the Patterson-Gimlin footage being almost 50 years old now, it still holds a mystery and mystique about it. To most Bigfoot believers it is real footage of a living Sasquatch, and to the general public it is just a guy in a suit. Either way, it hasn't totally been proven to be a real Bigfoot or a hoax.

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  1. Read Greg Long's book to find out all about Al DeAtley, Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin--and Bob Heironimus. You will find out that the Patterson film has been thoroughly debunked. It was a complete and total hoax. Roger's wife Patricia Patterson saw Bob Heironimus practicing his 60 second "bigfoot" walk. She is still alive. Go ask her to put her hand on a bible and swear that she doesn't know that her husband Roger made a hoax film. She won't do it. She hides out because she knows the thousands of dollars she continues to earn from the hoax film is fraudulent. She knows the film was a hoax. Bob Gimlin was 100% in on the hoax. Gimlin is a bald-faced liar. The above video is sickening. Bob Gimlin feared he would be sued for fraud and so he hid out for 30 years. The suddenly, he appeared in public to earn thousands of dollars in honorariums and speaker fees once Bob Heironimus informed him that his lawyer said they could no longer be prosecuted for fraud. Now Bob Gimlin acts like a hero. But he's a liar and awaits the fate of liars. Bob Gimlin schemed with Rogert Patterson to defraud millions out of people. They only got a fraction of the total shakedown of the unwitting public but is was still many thousands of dollars. Sorry folks, the Patterson film is 100% debunked. People like the author of this little article perpetuate the myth that the Patterson film has never been proven genuine or fake because they have not bothered to read Greg Long's book. The evidence was meticulously gathered over many years. Long interviews all of the living first-hand players like Gimlin and DeAtley and Patricia Patterson--and Bob Heironimus. And he discovered the facts that prove beyond any doubt that the Patterson film is pure bunk, garbage, fabricated fakery. There is no film of a bigfoot from 1967 or any other year because there is no bigfoot. Period.

  2. Did you read Long's book? There is no interview with Patricia Patterson in it...