Thursday, February 04, 2016

Dr. Jeff Meldrum talks about "Bigfoot Captured"

Jeff Meldrum Bigfoot Captured

It wasn't long ago that the show, Bigfoot Captured aired on the History channel. It was a 2-hour special about a small group of people that were trying to capture a Bigfoot. After viewing the show I wrote this article: Is The Show Bigfoot Captured Fake?

Anyhow, the show was more of a mockumentary than an actual documentary. That being said, it surprised some people that the credible scientist, Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum would be a part of the show. In this radio interview he talks about his role in the show and how he has no control of the final product.

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  1. Meldrum says he doesn't even own a t.v. So he doesn't see what is going on with these crappy shows that pay him. I believe him but he should really have someone look into what the director's final product will be. This cash for appearance will cost him in the end with his credibility

    1. I agree. As of now he is credible. Doing a show like that will quickly damage that reputation. Then anyone that has used his opinion or research will also lose evidence credibility.

  2. Jeff's part on the show was interesting, the rest was a bunch of crap.

  3. I love programmes about bigfoot but have realized the true story will nevet be told. BFRO was my fav but they are too busy travelling the world to be taken seriously. Little foot episode killed it for me. They may have been genuine at the beginning but money money money. Sold out