Friday, February 05, 2016

Moose Lake Trail Camera Anomaly

Moose Lake Trail Camera Bigfoot

Moose Lake, Minnesota is a great place to have some summer fun. It's home to the yearly "Moose Lake Agate Days", where the small town of 2700 people turns into a giant Lake Superior Agate Festival every July for a weekend. It is also a popular fishing and camping destination, as the area is chock full of lakes and woods.

Some people say it is also home to the elusive Bigfoot. When Finding Bigfoot came here for the Minnesota episode, they researched the general area in search of a reported 10-foot Bigfoot known as Carl. They call him Carl because this is in Carlton County. I'm familiar with the area and it is very Squatchy.

Here is a trail-cam photo that was taken by Moose Lake. What do you think?

"Got a photo of Bigfoot baby. I think. We almost missed it on the trail camera. The photos are numbered so they are in order when you watch them. Well we really don't know what got into our photo and out again in 10 seconds without a trace on the photo before and after but it is really a weird shape and it don't look like it moved much while the camera was taking the photo. That is why I put the photo with the car going by to see the length of the shutter speed.. I wish it was in the sun so it would have been a much better photo. What do you think?"

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