Sunday, February 07, 2016

What Does a Real Bigfoot Look Like?

Trail Camera Bigfoot Suit

It seems everyone has a different description of what Bigfoot looks like. Some people describe their encounter to look much like the infamous Patty. While others say the one they saw looked more human, than ape-like. There are red ones, white ones, gray ones, and black ones. What causes all of this variation? Is it a mistake in human perception? Or could there be different sub-species within the species.

This is a trail-cam picture that has been going around the interwebs. While many people think it is a hoax or a fake, what exactly is the criteria for defining something as fake, since we don't have an actual body to study? Feel free to comment below.

So many questions... so few answers...

Here is the original trail camera picture that was enhanced by a Bigfooter.
Trail Camera Bigfoot Hoax
click to enlarge

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  1. The arms are only crotch length, the body is shaped like a pear, they used a multi-color fake fur that shows a mismatch at the shoulder, a short stride stepping onto a straightened right leg, I could go on but I'm getting bored with it.

  2. Photo is fake.
    Regarding the different descriptions of Bigfoot - not all of them would look the same, like every other species. Humans don't all look the same. Not every cow in the world looks the same. It would be the same with Bigfoots.

  3. Please. So many Photoshop clone stamp markings, it's ridiculous.

  4. Good eye shine? That's about it! Just imagine though?

  5. I cant believe there are idiots out there who actually believe this garbage!