Thursday, March 31, 2016

Is The Show Finding Bigfoot Fake?

Is Finding Bigfoot Fake

Is the TV show Finding Bigfoot fake?

Well, since Bigfoot is yet to be recognized by science, you could make the argument that Bigfoot itself is fake.

As far as the Animal Planet hit series goes, I would lean toward it being real. I mean, after 8 seasons they still haven't shown us a real Sasquatch (despite the fact that Matt Moneymaker has been tracking them for over 25 years). That has to be frustrating for ole Matt. While the show may be a success, his tracking skills are definitely sub-par to say the least.

So, at least it appears that they don't hoax things in the show. The team goes to areas where there have been reported sightings, they interview eyewitnesses, and take a peak around. Now, it's been said that you're never going to find a Bigfoot by bringing a camera crew with you into the woods. And I would have to agree. They really need to go to these areas without so many people and actually stay for more than a day or two. But we are dealing with TV here and ultimately, ratings. Matt has even said that the show is geared towards the common person more so than the actual Bigfoot researcher.

Then you have people who say: "Well if they actually found Bigfoot the show would end."


If they actually found Bigfoot, they would have so many money-making options if would be ridiculous. They could change the name of the show to "Found Bigfoot" and continue to research the great beast for eternity. Moneymaker may even receive the Nobel Prize for such a monumental discovery. They would all be rich beyond their wildest dreams.

With that being said, I do think they are actually trying to discover Bigfoot and get it recognized and cataloged by science. Nothing would be better than that, after tracking the great beast for over 25 years.

Many people thought this show had jumped the shark a few seasons ago, thus the moniker "Finding Nothing", but just when you think it's over, it rears its head. To quote the great John Rambo: "Nothing is over!!"

On that noteSeason 9 premiers on Animal Planet Tonight March 31, 2016 at 9pm Eastern time. Tune in for a 2-hour special episode!

Is Finding Bigfoot Real

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  1. Finding Bigfoot isn't fake like Mountain Monsters, but they most likely won't ever find anything on their "night investigations."

    From knowing people who know the cast, I can tell you that they don't go too far into the wilderness to film these investigations. If they were by themselves, yeah, they would. But the camera crews don't like to.They are all serious researchers, though, and I know at least three of them really have dedicated their lives to trying to prove Bigfoot exists. They just won't find one while filming a TV show.

    1. That show is so fake! I swear they could be doing a " investigation " in the middle of NYC and fat old moneymaker would say there was a squash there. Plus dumb Bobo is a EXPERT field caller? I've heard my kids make the same sounds playing in the backyard. But it is fun to watch it's one of the best comedy shows on tv.

  2. Too much investigating at night..Wont find anything with 10 people tromping around the woods..Maybe they get lucky and get one on FLIR..If they were smart they would do more daytime searching..they should each go out alone with Go-Pro cameras attached to a hat one filming in front and one filming from behind..Also during the daytime they could look for hair, scat, tree breaks etc...These things they can't find when it's at night..Also how about hanging food(steak or some other meat) from a small rope or fishing line 7 feet off the ground from one tree to another..have a hidden camera 20-30 feet away filming the area 24/7..before leaving the area do some "wood knocking" for 30 minutes..kinda like ringing the dinner bell for a hungry Sasquatch....The "Finding Bigfoot" crew needs to get smarter.......

  3. Bigfoot, Alien, UFO all demonic creatures! Why people don't understand that facts

  4. Well I watch it and your right they haven't got one yet but I don't think they are faking any of their investigations. However there's 2 other shows on and in the last one they caught one but people had been following them and this one had already been shot and when they get close those other people shot it bagged it and by the time they got down there it was just loaded on a trailer and they took off? Something big was in that bag it's on camera! WHERE IS IT NOW? As its says they can prove it have it and name a price but I've heard nothing and these are pre taped so there's 3 shows hunting all these different bigfoot's in 2 they are armed and attacked they all just miss there traps or break out have one on film where in finding Bigfoot they are all unarmed so if these other shows are not fake if they do find one they'll all be killed. Watch Mountain Monsters look up the episodes and look at the one I'm talking about and make your mind up if it's a real Bigfoot they killed and where is it? Is it going to be like the UFO's and they are part of the men in black? Just watch them for the entertainment but I don't think Matt Moneymaker would be part of a scam as for the other 2 they found a grave yard full of dead bigfoot's been attacked been chased but no clear shots of the Bigfoot only on their heat cameras and something in a bag? Those are the ones I question. I'm in Australia let me know if your in the states where that dead Bigfoot is now! Cheers

  5. They all need to get a real job if anyone would hire them. I wasted about two minutes of my life writing this I will never get back.

  6. Bigfoot may be real, but the show is so bogus. No DNA, which can come from a hair or fecal matter. They never collect evidence. Just walk around in the woods at night: "did you hear that?" They are cowards who never actually run into the direction of knocks/howls. The pot-head not-so-fab four are pulling in big bucks, but one wonders if they are being paid NOT to find Bigfoot?

  7. Yea its real... Every show they hear them then leave and go to another state duh!

  8. Well if they wouldn't televised anything but legit shows there wouldn't be a problem it's cuz of all the other fake shit that's on TV so they need to do nothing but televised legitimate TV shows

  9. Can't believe you people don't believe in bigfoot, he's right here with me writing this and as soon as I'm done, we are going to eat popcorn and watch the newest episode.

  10. really how do you find a bigfoot with a light hanging off the front of your face at night.everyone tells them the sightings are in the day time mostly..moneymakers comment last night was the best.. save the cows for us and let them eat the deer, he says we have the agreement with them... really cant belive the show hasent been cancelled