Friday, March 04, 2016

Naked & Afraid Participant Has Bigfoot Encounter

Naked And Afraid Bigfoot Encounter
Join Monster X hosts Gunnar Monson and Shane Corson as they sit down with Trent Nielsen. Trent recently spent 21 days in the jungles of Belize for the hit TV show: "Naked and Afraid." He has the distinction of having the longest solo stretch in Naked and Afraid history (18 of 21 days). But that is not the only thing that sets Trent apart on the show; he is also the only participant to have had an actual Bigfoot encounter.

At the age of 10 Trent, who grew up in Utah, had a close encounter with a Bigfoot while camping in the backyard of his family's home. Trent will tell us about his hair raising encounter as well as details about his time on "Naked and Afraid'" in the Belize jungle!

Check out Trent's Adventure Facebook page here:
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