Friday, March 18, 2016

Sierra Project - Investigating The Nest

Sierra Bigfoot Nest

Vietnam Veteran Dan Shirley and his sidekick Garland, have started their Squatchin' season off with a bang. They have been researching several areas in the Sierra Mountains that have been yielding them results over the last few years.

In these videos Dan shows us what he thinks is a Bigfoot nest. He also finds an intersting tree break that he also thinks was done by a Sasquatch. Do you think Sasquatch break trees? If so, what do you think the reasons for them doing it are?

Sierra Project - Investigating The Nest Part 2 

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1 comment:

  1. Hello Dan and the group.
    A question for you regarding your research and game cameras do you find the cameras with infrared lite work as good as they are promoted,or do the ones that work in day lite or in the 24 hours mode with no flash. The basis for the question some comments have been made that some animals can see the ir color spectrum of the lite. The camera I use has no flash and goes sun rise sunset and works great for different areas and trails worth watching,but have noticed that the roundness of the lens tends to attract deer and small game animals to look and observe the lens as a animal eye,I had a idea is to place a piece of plastic over the lens to remove the roundness of the lens edges and it worked better,also placed burlap around the camera on the tree at least a couple of wraps and placed sticks and other material to hide it better and to clear away the area in front of the lens and this works great. Keeps the 2 and 4 legged animals at a safe distance and it cuts down on the deer coming up to the lens less than a foot tells me that they notice the camera. Robert