Wednesday, March 09, 2016

South Jersey Sasquatch with Some News & Updates From The Field

Pine Barrens Stick Structure
This is the structure he talks about in the video.
"South Jersey Sasquatch" is a Cryptid researcher from the state of New Jersey. He has been studying the Bigfoot phenomenon for quite some time now, and few people know the ins and outs of Bigfoot history like he does. Despite all the energy he puts into the Bigfoot subject, he still finds time to research his home-state Cryptid  the New Jersey Devil.

In this video South Jersey travels deep into the Pine Barrens in search of a good place to set up his trail cams. As he mentions in the video, there are a few of us who are also putting out trail cameras in other states. We are in the process of putting a group together in order to collaborate our efforts as we search for the great beast.

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