Friday, April 01, 2016

The Ocheesee Wild Man of Florida

Ocheesee Wild Man Florida

Stacy Brown Jr, is one of Florida's premiere Skunk Ape hunters. Besides Tim Fasano, few people have dared to enter the dangerous swamps of Florida in search of the elusive Skunk Ape.

Stacy Brown gets around. Even though he calls Florida his home, he was featured in the TV show Bigfoot Bounty where he traveled across the country competing against other teams in search of Bigfoot. Largely in part to Stacy's skills as an outdoorsman and master tracker, he was able to take 1st place along with his partner David Lauer. With the money they won on the show, Stacy purchased a sweet DNA dart gun that he wants to use to collect DNA from a Skunk Ape.

So what's Stacy up to now?

The latest I had heard, Stacy was out chasing ghosts. But now we find him doing a new webcast entitled: Fringe News. So far the show looks really cool. In this episode Stacy researches "The Ocheesee Wild Man" of northwest Florida. 

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  1. That was actually entertaining Stacey! Great job gathering the information fir this post.

  2. U guys wanna see a yetti, come to Albion Pennsylvania. I Will take u to a couple places. Where u Will c has affected us for two generations...I have tried to reach out so many times...I have the story . My brother saw him many years ago.. large creature with red glowing eyes. He was in shock when he came home that evening...he kept saying the lights in the sky, the screaming like no other hes ever heard before and also told us not to ever go by Windows...
    About thirty year's later, my son showed up home at five am. I knew the look to well in his was the same look that was on my brothers face.i could go on and on... he said the Same thing my Brother said years before, but the thing that stuck in my mind most, was he kept saying mom, mom. Stay away from the windows.. Thanks, dar