Saturday, April 30, 2016

Tim Fasano & Rick Dyer Look-Alike, Fly a Drone to Look for Skunk Apes


Tim Fasano Rick Dyer Skunk Ape

Master Skunk Ape Tracker Tim Fasano and a man that looks eerily similar to Rick Dyer, head out into the Florida swamps to search for the elusive Skunk Ape. Love him or hate him, Tim Fasano gets out into the bush. And this time out, his friend "Bob" tags along and brings a drone so that they can cover more area in their search.

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  1. Well "Bob" some of us have actual jobs where we cant go in the field as often as you. Plus your kind of a wiseass in this video. Maybe try to be a little less douchy next time and maybe I'll watch the entire video without throwing up.

  2. I fall into the stay at home kind of people "Bob" that don't get out and hoax the public and act like a complete douch-bag. And I don't hang out with the FATsano kind of hoaxers as well. Like your cab driving friend there "Bob" two hoaxers in the same video talking shit on others. I guess I can't win em all. frauds!

  3. If you want to be taken seriously why would you align yourself with Rick Dyer?You will never be taken serious now...what a idiot.make that two idiots...they deserve each other