Monday, April 11, 2016

Utah Man Pitching For Sasquatch TV Show

Utah Bigfoot Show

The guy who recently posted the videos on the Utah Trackways, is now pitching for a TV show. Now, I'm not quite sure when this guy arrived on the scene, but I've only seen him around for a short time. Nonetheless, his track-way that he found in the high-country of Utah was quite interesting, although some people thought it could've just been an animal that was jumping through the deep snow. Anyhow, the guy seems to have a lot of action when he goes Squatchin' and now wants others to share in his endeavors. What he really wants is a TV show to showcase his research.  He says he's not doing this for the money (although he would like his mortgage paid) and that he just wants to change the public's perception of the subject and bring awareness to this incredible species.

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