Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Where's the Best place to Find Bigfoot?

Olympic Project Bigfoot News
So where is the best place to find Bigfoot? Well, according to Derek Randles and the Olympic Project—that place is in the Olympic National Park & Forest in Washington state.

In this video put together by Henry May, you will see a news cast featuring Derek and the Olympic Project.

"You don't find Bigfoot; they find you."

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  1. Skookum meadows! #1 place to find a Sasquatch or Ape Canyon # 1 place to find a Bigfoot !

  2. Washington state has mick dodge, the fake. are you seeing him??? wva, has a whole town of them. but beware there is another problem,(sabre wolf) some in the white forest Alaska, wva. ten, ky. they are out there.