Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Rick Dyer Bigfoot Rant..

Rick Dyer Rant

The notorious hoaxer himself is back! And this time it's to rant about how messed up people are in the Bigfoot world. Rick also goes on to say that he is the only person in Bigfooting that has ever admitted to hoaxing. Do you agree with anything Rick is saying here?

"It's time for change in the Bigfoot community."

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  1. Listen too this c-sucker! Put your receipts up on the camera screen! Listen to his bullshit. He's a f-ing maniac. He didn't give one damn dime to children with cancer. Your a loser and you want change(more like spare change) you not in the Sasquatch field research would be as refreshing as not seeing one of your lame attempts at being the go too guy in Sasquatch hoax scams! it would of been a beautiful thing to watch you drive into a semi-truck. You are a liar and a phony. And your telling us not to talk about you! Freak! Just pissing die Already! And here we thought we were done with your in need of psych drugs ass. Damned if we didn't think you were already maggot food. Loser then, now, and forever Ricky " I got a corpse for a fee" Dyer!

  2. Hey Ricky"metrosexual" Dyer, is it true or will you go on the record about your bum-f-ing of Mr. Timbo "T-Fats" FATsano? Ever since your drone video people have been blogging about the YMCA looks you two gave each other in that video! lol& a Ha, ha!

  3. He's the only one who has ever admitted he hoaxed something in the Bigfoot world? No he's not.
    If he wants to raise money for charity (had never heard he had done that before) he can probably do it about any other way than drag around a fake Bigfoot that he says is real.
    It's because of people like him that others think all Bigfooters/cryptozoologists are crazy or are liars.