Sunday, May 29, 2016

Tim Fasano Films Something Moving...

Tim Skunk Ape

Tim Fasano is a well-known Skunk Ape researcher in Florida. Love him or hate him, the guy spends more time in the woods & swamps than just about anyone on the planet.

In this video he catches something moving through the brush. Could it be the elusive Skunk Ape?
Last Winter, I pulled off the road on SR 301 and snuck onto a watershed area because It looked good and I thought I saw something moving. I got a video of something moving at a very good clip of speed. It looks upright but steel grey in color. 

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  1. Do you see why T-FATS is such an A-hole! First off FATsano no one told you to chase it. And with your track (no pun at all) record with the HOAX you tried to pull off ten +years ago(Palmetto Monster ring a bell) no one should believe a word you say. And see how fast you jump into A-hole mode. You act like there were people out there with you telling you to chase it down. You'll never change cabbie. And you jump on us and you are the one tooling around with a another known hoaxer Ricky "lil dicky" Dyer! Timbo I'll sit right here on the couch while I watch you make a fool of yourself chasing down costumes with shady friends inside them. Hey did finding Bigfoot ever call you back? And what happened to your third retirement along with that ghost chasing thing on Florida free t.v. How did that Work out for ya? Ya Known HOAXING CLOWN!