Sunday, May 01, 2016

Why Can't We Find Any Bigfoot Bones?

Sasquatch Bones

Why can't we find any Bigfoot bones?

That is definitely a million-dollar question there. Now, I have seen quite a few old newspaper clippings on the internet of giant skeletons, but I'm not sure about the validity of those, and some people think those are giant humans rather than Bigfoot.

There are many theories as to why we don't find any Sasquatch bones, a few of them being:
  • there are so few Bigfoot that we just haven't stumbled upon any
  • the forest takes care of the bones via animals and nature
  • bigfoot buries their dead so we never see any bones on the ground
It's often stated in the Bigfoot community that you rarely, if ever, find bear bones in the woods, and there are a lot of bears roaming America.
In this video, Tim Stover of the Ohio Bigfoot Hunters, gives his opinion on what happens to Bigfoot bones in the forest.

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  1. I just happened to be working on something about Bigfoot and bones when I checked this. Weird synchronicity once again! It seems to happen to me a lot with things of a cryptozoological nature.

    1. :) Cool. If you ever want me to post something you write, let me know.

  2. Thanks. I don't have anything specific right now, but if you ever see something you find interesting & want to share it, go right ahead. :)

  3. The Sasquatch/Bigfoot most definitely bury their dead. Or maybe hen the Sasquatch knows it's going to die they walk up the tallest mountain and die peacefully. When was the last time you walked up the tallest mountain in your state. It's not like people are looking for the dead bodies anyway.. Crazy when you think about the possibilities of life and death anyway!

    1. If they don't bury their dead, they probably go to some place where they likely won't be found, like you said, and scavengers, decomposers, etc. will also have the body gone very quickly. Animals (like rodents) will also eat and move the bones. Even if you go looking for a dead Sasquatch, it would be very unlikely to find a naturally dead one.