Monday, June 27, 2016

Survivorman Bigfoot: Sasquatch Stories

Survivorman Bigfoot Show

Survivorman Bigfoot was a nice change of pace, as far as Bigfoot TV shows go. But when Les Stroud paired up with the alleged Bigfoot hoaxer Todd Standing, people started to question the credibility of the production. Anyhow, overall the show was well received, and I hope they come out with more episodes in the future. This is a series of clips from the Survivorman Bigfoot series.

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  1. I could listen to these story's all day.

  2. Well, Shroud DID question in a very open minded way about the validity of Todd's work, as well as openly discussed the various controversy's. He avoids making strong comments one way or the other about anything, he is just there is analyze, collect info, maybe find something but ultimately get answers. I imagine if he goes back, he'll go about it differently.

  3. do not understand survivorman pull a hoax. I will bag me one yet.