Monday, June 13, 2016

Wood Knocks - What Do They Mean?

Bigfoot Tree knock

Wood Knocks. Probably the number one form of communication — that we humans use to try and communicate with Bigfoot. But what do they really mean? Are we tricking Bigfoot into thinking it's another Bigfoot banging a tree back at it? Well, the "Grassman" is here to give his two cents on the matter. What do you think about tree knocking?Do you use it while out Squatchin?

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  1. Some of the knocks are hunting actions. They can see IFR, trail cams are great to keep them away from your camp. If you wish for real pictures use night vision cameras or starlight cams.

  2. That was a sensible video explanation. Good job.

  3. Has anyone ever heard slow, repetitive knocking that sounds very much like the chopping of firewood?

  4. 1 knock - I'm here
    2 Knocks - invite to be together
    3- Knocks - warning of danger
    With in 50 yards or closer it changes to using its palm against the tree when approaching.
    Whistles used as the same but is sexual
    Foot scuffing - disgust
    Heavy foot stomp - be careful , I'm watching you.

  5. First time ever hearing this was tonight. Im a very active predator hunter and tonight i did a predator stand in a very remote area. We had snow 4 days ago and a week before that. No new vehicle tracks since the new snow. This area is in a very large valley with only 1 way into it within 7 miles in each direction. Not even a slight breeze tonight. There were alot of animal tracks at the top of the moutian and approximately half way down the moutian and then almost all signs of animals ceast. Now from top of the moutian to the bottom is appox 1.5 miles. So for 3/4 of a mile maybe a half dozen tracks crossed or used the trail. Set up for my hunt and immediately had almost a 6th sence feeling i was being watched from an area behind me, which isnt rare and sometimes turns out to be a fox or coyote but it just had an odd feeling to me. So i start my hunt and exactly 19mins 2seconds into my calling sequence i heard 2 or 3 loud distinct knocks. This is the first time i have hunted this area and not had at the very least a vocal response from coyote. The woods were dead quiet except for what i thought was an owl aprox 10 mins into my calling and then the wood knocking. I rarely ever get spooked when i am in the woods hunting at night time. But im telling you this much, it did not take me long to gather my equipment and be on my way out of there. The sound still gives me goosebumps just thinking about it.