Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Ohio Bigfoot Hunter: Island Recon

Tim Stover Bigfoot Island

Tim Stover of the Ohio Bigfoot Hunters is hot on the trail. Ever since his Ohio Grassman sighting many years ago, he has been on the hunt for answers.

In this video Tim investigates an island that he thinks would be perfect habitat for a Sasquatch. 

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  1. I recently had a medical issue that kept me in the house for 3 months. My main endeavor during this downtime? Research all the available blogs, sighting, pics, essays etc on SAS. I read hundreds of articles and reports, scrutinized dozens of pics and vids and any documentary I could find. I did this with the great intensity as there was nothing else to do besides succumbing to watching reality shows. My work paid off as I came to a conclusion I'm pretty sure about. Sadly, and to my great disappointment, my conclusion is that SAS isn't so. No big hairy guy anywhere in North America and the world for that matter.

    The biggest reason for my "it doesn't exist" conclusion. Many things but the one thing I noticed that tipped the scales (and so far no one has mentioned) is that SAS is not seen by minorities. Or said another way: SAS RESERACH IS THE RELM PRIMARILY OF MIDDLE AGE TO OLDER WHITE GUYS THAT ARE IN OR NEAR RETIREMENT. That simple. Or at least white guys in general.

    I didn't see one non white face in any video or referenced in any way. If SAS was out there, sightings would at least roughly mirror North American demographics, or at least some non whites would be talking about the subject. Next to none are. Why?

    Some please comment on my "findings". I'm not interested in racial slurs or pithy one liners. Someone please be serious and tell me why black people (and other non whites) don't see, talk about, blog about or take pics or vids of SAS. Statistically, there would have to be non whites in the mix somewhere, at least more than a few.

    I think this is solid proof that SAS is not out there, it's "in there", in the minds of all those white guys that grew up hearing about SAS from other white guys.

    WHAT DO TOU THINK? Please at least one intelligent answer or feedback would be appreciated!

    1. The realist has spokenSeptember 3, 2016 at 10:48 AM

      Blacks just don't get it nor do they give a crap about getting it. Why didn't the black man invent the standard wheel? Why didn't blacks set sail to explore other areas? And please for the love of humanity tell me that those same not doing much of anything blacks built those pyramids either. To answer the question you are asking is simple. They either don't believe or they just don't care? It's simply not in the black DNA to find out those exactly what the Hell is going on in those woods anyway. most if not all blacks don't go camping either. Maybe if you Winkylife found your way down to the nearest MLK BLVD. you could get the answer straight from the horses mouth. Besides who cares anyway why blacks don't get into finding Bigfoot! There's nothing in it for em I guess?

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