Friday, January 06, 2017

Bigfoot Sightings Of 2017

Sasquatch Sightings 2017

The New Year is off to a great start as far as Bigfoot sightings go. In this video, some of documented sightings of 2017 are discussed.

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  1. How about the two CLINTON newscasters supporters on the first video. You know damned well they make fun of us Sasquatch believers. Cause you can tell that the way they were laughing about the story that they don't think we are credible people. Just saying what I'm seeing!

  2. If they are clintonistas, they've no room to laugh at anyone

  3. Well' if you watch mountain monster's! They make a fool out of W Va ! If you have watched the show over the years there are more monster's there than people!. I guess every Friday night everyone dresses up like monsters and goes out to the woods!

  4. I have been going out in the North Cascades of WA state since 2009 looking for caves and old turn of the century abandoned camps. Yes, I have encountered what you call "bigfoot" on several trips. I have left them apples and sometimes peanut butter. I am former military and law enforcement officer so I do know what I see. I am always armed on my trips and they know that. I have been as close as 30 ft from a female one night and three others with me that night experienced our encounter and were really shook up over it for some reason. Many "armchair" investigators think they do not exist and many organizations try and make money from this with all of the hype. I usually go alone as no one wants to go out in the dark?? Animal Planet and the Discovery channel just want money from their supporters. BFRO does not want anything to do with anyone else as they also charge for trips. Believe what you want but they do exist and are very real.