Sunday, April 02, 2017

Discovering Bigfoot's Nest

Bigfoot Den Washington

Bigfoot researchers with The Olympic Project  have recently found what they think is a nesting site in Washington state. It is at this secret location that they believe several of the creatures have made dens. These nests are unlike any other nest found in North America. The area is currently being studied and monitored by Derek Randles and other Olympic Project team members. In this video a news reporter talks with Derek as well as Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum about the significance of this find.

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  1. Has anyone found Bigfoot yet? Hey wild bill he is over here in my back yard come get him!!

  2. Actually YES,.....Bigfoot / Sasquatch and/or the Skunk Ape tribes are well known to exist in Florida and are alive and well.
    Non-believers and truth seekers need to check out