Saturday, April 22, 2017

PhD's Astounded by Bigfoot Videos

Todd Standing Jeff Meldrum Sasquatch

Todd Standing's comeback is in full swing. Several years after abandoning the Bigfoot scene, he has returned - to attempt to show that his Sasquatch videos are the real deal. This video below is a series of clips from 2013 when Todd met up with Dr Jeffrey Meldrum and John Bindernagel. Many researchers and enthusiasts think Todd is just a crafty hoaxer, while there are many that think he is the real deal. I imagine we will be seeing more from Todd throughout the year, but will we be seeing the likes of Dr Meldrum teaming up with him again? 

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  1. He's too much into marketing himself, trying to creating a tough image. Not believable. Suspicious.

  2. Todd Standing only wants to bring out the truth that, Bigfoot does exist and 'they' deserve the right to have their habitat preserved.
    Todd Standing IS NOT a hoaxer. Period.