Thursday, April 06, 2017

Todd Standing is Back to Defend His Bigfoot Footage

Todd Standing Sasquatch Proof

It's been over two years since Todd Standing said on Facebook that he was calling it quits.....

Posted  December 21, 2014:
Todd had previously done a TV series with Surviorman Les Stroud where they hunted for Bigfoot in remote parts of Canada. His footage of alleged Sasquatch caught the attention of the public and Bigfoot enthusiasts alike. But not everyone was honky dory about the footage. Many Bigfoot researchers claimed it was fake, and some even said that his sister was a special effects artist and that she could've been involved in the production of the videos. Parabreakdown's Phil even made a video showing how Todd's face looked awfully similar to one of his Bigfoots.
Is Todd Standing The Man Behind The Mask?

Anyhow, Todd is back, and back with a vengeance. In this video he adamantly defends his footage of alleged Sasquatch. He uses pine needles to prove to the skeptics that his Sasquatch "was enormous, he was a Sasquatch, he was Gigantopithecus!"

All this leads me to believe, that we'll be seeing more of Todd in the near future.

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  1. Unfortunately, there are too many skeptics that need to just shut up ! Unless you've seen them, really don't know if they exist. I get that however, Todd deserves all the credit for bringing sasquatch into the light. Whether you want to believe or deny their existence is your choice but, I'd like to see you out there in the wild braving the elements and let's see how long you'd last with sasquatch around........I dare the skeptics to try it......they'd run like hell screaming in fear all the while crapping in their pants.

  2. I have discovered Mark Zaskey and Melaine McCartney's investigative research as the best dealing with the existence of sasquatch. Their site covers the Best REAL Bigfoot Footage on the internet, Bigfoot encounters, Sasquatch video, Florida Skunk ape, Skunk ape videos and Bigfoot Documentaries

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    1. Mark Zaskey has too many blob squatches that are a play of light and shadow in the vegetation.

  3. So I say do your thing. If they think you're a fake then they should get to stepping. I'm sure there's plenty of us that like watching this stuff. Who cares what others think. Do your thing and keep doing what makes you happy because in the end that's all that matters!!

  4. I would love to see these that are calling you fake go out there and do what you do! I would love to go out there and find bigfoot if I had the funds to do it. MY father toured the whole Vietnam War he is 101st Airborne Ranger he taught me everything their is to know about survival. I would love to go on and expedition.